Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vaseline Intensive Care | Cure For Winter Skin

Winter is such a burden on our skin, and especially on someone's as sensitive as mine, which is why I'm getting a head start on prepping my skin for the polar months ahead of us. I grew up with my mother preaching me the positive effects of moisturizing in the winter time, if not all the time! And Vaseline® was always in the bathroom cabinet in our household. It still is! And it still works its magic just as well as it did back in the day, but actually even better thanks to Vaseline® Intensive CareTM - a range of lotions that go beyond basic moisturization to deeply moisturize to heal dry skin. The new line is made up of a very special blend of humectants (to draw water into the skin), and healing micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly (to lock moisture in). Like original Vaseline® Jelly, these micro-droplets are highly refined, and 100% pure. Together, the humectants and Vaseline® Jelly micro-droplets in the lotions work to deliver a range of moisturization needs. I personally prefer the Intensive CareTM Advanced Repair Fragrance Free because I can actually feel it working as soon as I apply it, and my skin feels soft and supple for a long time afterwards. And I go for Fragrance Free because I can make sure that irritation won't be a problem at all.

Winter is already rough. We don't need anything else to make it any rougher.  Vaseline® Intensive CareTM will make sure that isn't a problem. That and a hot cup of cocoa, of course! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

F21xMe | Glitz


Forever 21 shorts
Urban Outfitters top
Joe's Jeans blazer
H&M beanie
Wildfox sunnies

Already putting myself in the holiday spirit with some metallic embellishment. I almost felt too fancy strolling around in Central Park with these Forever 21 shorts on, but hey, we were just one block away from The Plaza . . . I think it's ok. Everyone needs a little extra glitz every now and then. Even when there isn't a real reason behind it. Some luxe beading, burnout velvet and baroque tapestry . . . and one is literally golden. 

See more of how other people are styling up their Forever 21 pieces by checking the hashtag #F21xMe on Instagram :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Profile | Cora Keegan

Last set of photos from my session with Cora Keegan. Hope you are having a blast in Los Angeles babe! Cora is wearing an Artisan De Luxe faux fur vest and Modern Vice boots.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Black and White All Over


7 For All Mankind jeans from REVOLVE
Nine West x Pamela Love boots
Stela 9 backpack

I wonder every single day why I decided to cut my locks this summer. But I can't turn back time. I just have to suck it up and give myself head massages in the shower and pray that it'll help stimulate the growth process. ha. I miss hiding behind it when I get the need to be hidden. Until the day comes when I can once again be called a long-haired hippie, I'll prance around in patterned pants to make up for the missing percentage of my boho-centric DNA.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Game of Checkers


Rory Beca tank
1.State miniskirt
Sabrina SL crystal necklace and wrist wrap

Oh how I miss the days of throwing on a tank top with a mini. That feeling of freedom is just about long gone now, but every time I walk by a park, my heart aches for summer again and again and again. The reminder of how the city thrives within its own bustle in the summertime hits me hardcore. Yes, I get a little sad inside. Who doesn't? The city in the summer is what made me want to move here in the first place. The first time I felt the energy rise from the sidewalks and watch it make everyone fall in love with just about everything is how this city swooped me up. Summer sweetness lives on in my head.